12th Boston Celtic Music Festival
Performances & Workshops
January 9-11, Boston, MA.

2nd Florida Keys Celtic Festival
January 9-10, Marathon, FL.

Winter Storm Pipes & Drums Event
Concert, WS, Competitions, Drum Fanfare
January 9-11, N. Kansas City, MO.

12th Caloosahatchee Celtic Festival
Music & Dance, Vendors
January 12, Fort Myers, FL.

9th Winter Celtic Music Festival
Concert & WS
January, Leonardtown, MD/discontinued?

8th Upper Potomac Piper’s Weekend
WS, Classes, Jams
January 16-18, Shepherdstown, WV.

Please attend and support your local Robert Burns Dinner.

29th Winter Folk Harp Festival
WS, Jams, Circle, Ceilidh
January 23-25, Arlington, WA.

21st Sarasota HG & Celtic Festival
Pipe & Drum Competition, Trad & Cont.
January 30-31, Sarasota, FL.

8th Northern Roots Trad. Music Festival
Celtic Music & Dance; WS, Concerts
January 31, Brattleboro, VT.



3rd FAM-JAM: Celtic Family Jamboree
Concerts, Jams
February 6-7, Brooksville, FL.

Celtic Winter Blast
Concerts, Jams
February 12, Asheville, NC.

23rd Mid-Winter Scot/Irish Festival & Fair
Trad. & Contemporary
February 13-15, King of Prussia, PA.

2nd Tampa Bay Celtic Fest. & HG
Pipe & Drum Competition
February, Brandon, FL/TBA.

23rd Savannah Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont.; Songwriter
February 14-15, Savannah, GA.

22nd Queen Mary ScotsFest
Trad. & Contemporary
February 14, Long Beach, CA.

19th NE FL Scot. Games, Fest.
Trad/Con; Harp & Fiddle Comp.
February 28, Green Cove Springs, FL.

Bay Celtic Music & Dance Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary; WS
February, Oakland, CA/discontinued 2010


MARCH 2015

12th Crossroads Irish-American Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
February 28-March 29, San Francisco, CA.

21st Manhattan Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
March 6-7, Manhattan, IL.

33rd North Texas Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont.; emphasis on intl piping
March 6-8, Dallas, TX.

32nd SE FL Scot. Fest. & HLG
Trad. & Cont.; Competitions
March 21, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

20th Irish Heritage Festival &
Trad./Cont., Whistle/Fiddle WS
March 10-21, Burlington, VT.

29th Sonora Celtic Faire
Trad. & Contemporary
March 6-8, Sonora, CA.

37th St. Pat’s Day Irish Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary
March 7, Coral Gables, FL.

27th Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
March, W. Palm Beach, FL/TBA.

15th Peace River Celtic Festival
Musical Performances
March 8, Punta Gorda, FL.

17th Long Island Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
March 15, Long Island, NY.

34th Irish Spring Festival
Trad. & Cont., Harping WS
March, Ireland, WV/TBA.

30th North Country Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
March 13-15, Watertown, NY.

35th San Diego St. Patrick’s Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
March 14, San Diego, CA.

32nd Phoenix St. Patrick’s Faire
Trad. & Contemporary
March 14, Phoenix, AZ.

Irish Week Festival
Trad., WS
March, Seattle, WA/TBA.

28th Tucson St. Patrick’s Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
March 15, Tucson, AZ.

Kell’s Portland St. Patrick’s Festival
Trad & Contemporary
March 14-17, Portland, OR.

31st New Dublin Irish Fest & St. Patrick’s Week
Trad. & Contemporary
March 16-21, New London, WI.

51st AZ Scot. Gathering, Games
Trad./Con.; Pipe, Drum Comp.
March 21-22, Phoenix, AZ.


APRIL 2015

16th S. A. HLG & Celtic Music Fest.
Trad. & Cont.; Piping Comp.
April 11-12, Helotes, TX.

34th Hawaiian Scot. Fest. & HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
April 11-12, Honolulu, HI.

DeltaFest (incl. former NELA Celtic Fest.)
Incl. 2 days of Celtic
April, Monroe, LA/TBA.

36th Arkansas Scottish Festival
Trad & Cont, Pipe/Drum Comp
April 11-12, Batesville, AR.

18th Lawrence Scottish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
April, Lawrence, KS/TBA?

25th Oregon Scottish Heritage Festival
April 11, Albany, OR.

22nd Rural Hill Scot. Fest. & Loch Norman HLG
Pipe/Drum/Harp/Fiddle Comp
April 18-19, Huntersville, NC.

15th Miss. River Celtic Music Fest
WS in all instruments; spec. in Uilleann Pipes
April 24-26, St. Louis, MO.

11th LV Celtic Gathering & HLG
Mod. & Trad.
April 18-19, Tule Spgs, NV.

9th Iron Thistle Scot. Heritage Fest, HLG
April 24-26, Yukon, OK.

37th Celtic Fest & HLG of So Md
Pipe/Drum/Harp/Fiddle Comp
April 25, Prince Frederick, MD.

139th Sacramento Val. G & Fest
Trad., Cont; Pipe/Drum Comp
April 25-26, Woodland, CA.

43rd Houston HLG & Celtic Fest.
Trad. & Cont Celtic Folk, Rock
April, Bellaire, TX/TBA.

Culloden HLG & Scot. Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary
April, Culloden, GA/discontinued

14th Sedalia Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
April, Bedford, VA/discontinued 2012


MAY 2015

Folklore Soc. Greater Washington
Regional Folk, Roots events
DC, MD area

CCE Mid-Atlantic Fleadh Cheoil/Irish Music Wknd
Fiddle, Accordian, Flute, Tin Whistle, Concertina, Uillean Pipes,
Harp, Mouth Organ, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Melodeon,
Bodhran, Ceili B.Drummer, Singing, etc. Competitions
May 8-10, Parsippany, NJ.

15th No. Central WV Scottish Fest. & Celtic Gathering
Trad. & Contemporary
May 1-3, Bridgeport, WV.

29th Texas Scot. Fest. & HLG
Trad/Cont Folk/Rock
May 8-10, Arlington, TX.

CCE Mid-West Fleadh Cheoil
Fiddle, Accordian, Flute, Tin Whistle, Concertina, Uillean Pipes,
Harp, Mouth Organ, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Melodeon,
Bodhran, Ceili B.Drummer, Singing, etc. Competitions
May, St. Louis, MO.

14th Frederick Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
May 8-9, Frederick, MD.

Young People, Old Traditions
Young Tradition Weekend
May, Burlington, VT.

11th Prescott HLG & Ian MacNessie Highland Gathering
May 9-10, Prescott, AZ.

20th Springfield Area HLG & Celtic Fest.
Trad/Cont; Pipe/Drum Comp
May 16-17, Chatham, IL.

33rd Smoky Mtn. HG
Trad. & Cont Folk, Rock, etc.
May 16-17, Maryville, TN.

29th Feile Rince Tucson & 1st AZ Roadrunner Feis
May 1-3, Tucson, AZ.

55th Colonial Highland Gathering
Trad., Pipe Band Competition
May 16, Fair Hill, MD.

Irish Fest. at St. Mary’s Center
Trad. & Contemporary
May, Manahawkin, NJ/TBA.

13th Eugene Scottish Festival
May 17, Eugene, OR.

27th Rio Grande Celtic Fest, HLG
Harp Gathering, Pipe Band Comp.
May 16-17, Albuquerque, NM.

10th Greater Greenville Scot. Games
Trad/Con Folk/Rock; Pipe Com
May 22-23, Greenville, SC.

30th Gaelic Park’s Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
May 22-25, Oak Forest, IL.

48th Alma Highland Festival
Trad., Pipe Band Competition
May 23-24, Alma, MI.

83rd USS Highland Games
Trad. & Cont., Pipe Band Comp.
May 23-24, Pomona, CA.

38th East Durham Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont Celtic Folk, Rock
May 23-24, East Durham, NY.

Shawnee Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
May 23-24, Shawnee, PA.

30th Glasgow Highland Games
Trad/Cont Folk/Rock; Pipe Com
May 29-31, Lucas, KY.

Campbell HLG, Celtic Gathering
Trad/Cont; Pipe/Drum Comp.
May, Campbell, CA/cancelled 2012

30th Kentucky Scottish Weekend
Trad. & Cont Scot., OT, Folk
May, Carollton, KY/final 2012

7th Phoenixville Celtic Street Fair
Trad. & Cont.
May, Phoenixville, PA/cancelled 2013

Tuckerton Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
May, Tuckerton, NJ/cancelled?
Livermore Scot/Celt. Gathering
Trad. & Cont. Celtic Folk, Rock
May, Livermore, CA/cancelled?


JUNE 2015

Young People, Old Traditions
Regional Folk, Celtic, Roots events
Radius of Burlington, Vermont

Folklore Soc. Greater Washington
Regional Folk, Roots events
DC, MD area

22nd Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June, Berkeley Township, NJ/TBA

16th Nisswa-Stamman
Scandinavian Folk Music
June 10-11, Nisswa, MN.

25th Boston Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont.
June 13-14, Canton, MA.

9th AOH Notre Dame Div. 1 Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
June 5-7, Monte Clare, PA.

Milwaukee HLG & Scot. Fest
Trad, Pipe Competition
June 6, Milwaukee, WI.

EOH Bonnie Brae Scot. Games
Trad. & Contemporary
June, Liberty Corner, NJ/TBA.

28th McHenry Highland Fest.
Trad./Cont.; Pipe Comp.
June, McHenry, MD/not held in 2015.

34th Modesto HLG, Clan Gathering
June 6, Modesto, CA.

ZoukFest World Music Camp & Facebook
Trad. Irish
June, Santa Fe, NM/TBA.

17th Staten Island Irish Fair
Trad. & Contemporary
June 13-14, Staten Island, NY.

Bellingham Scottish HLG
Trad. /Cont; Pipe/Drum Comp
June 5-7, Ferndale, WA.

4th Hoboken Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June 7, Hoboken, NJ.

45th New Jersey Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June 7, Monmouth Park, NJ.

14th Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Incl. Celtic
June 12-15, Manchester, TN.

20th Taste of Scotland Heritage
Trad. & Contemporary
June 18-21, Franklin, NC.

41st Utah Scottish HLG & Festival
June 12-13, Lehi, UT.

Ozark Folk Center
St. Louis Irish Arts
June 12-13, Mountain View, AR.

27th Fairfield County Irish Festival
Trad/Cont Folk/Rock
June 20-21, Trumbull, CT.

22nd Riverfront Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June 12-14, Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

Blairsville Scot. Fest. & HLG
Trad/Cont; Fid., Harp, Pipe WS
June 13-14, Blairsville, GA.

Kansas City Scottish HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
June 13-14, Riverside, MO.

18th RI Scot. Highland Festival
Trad.; Pipe Comp
June 13, Richmond, RI.

19th Clover Scot. Games & Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
June 13, Clover, SC.

40th Big Irish Fair & Music Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
June 20-21, Long Beach, CA.

10th A. Fraser’s Sierra Fiddle Rally
Trad. Scottish
June 27, Nevada City, CA.

10th Carolan Festival
Music of Irish Harper/Composer Carolan
June 17-19, Worcester, VT.

15th Penn-Mar Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June 20, Glen Rock, PA.

42nd Ntl Conf., Am. Harp Society
see program
June 22-26, New Orleans, LA.

17th Celtic Fling & HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
June 26-28, Manheim, PA.

46th Tacoma HLG
Trad.; Pipe/Drum Comp.
June 26-27, Graham, WA.

42nd San Diego Scot. HLG
Trad & Cont., Pipe/Drum Comp
June 26-28, Vista, CA.

Conn. Irish Festival & Feis, Facebook
Trad. & Cont. Folk/Rock
June 27-28, North Haven, CT.

38th Ohio Scottish Games
Trad; Pipe/Drum/Harp Comp.
June 26-27, Wellington, OH.

15th Kalamazoo Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June 26-27, Kalamazoo, MI.

34th Scot. HLG & Clan Gathering
Trad., Pipe/Drum Competition
June 27, Palmer, AL.

Nordic Fiddles & Feet Music Camp
WS, Concerts
June 28-July 5, Lyman, VT.

20th Loch Lomond HLG, Gath./Scot. Renaissance Fest./Santa Cruz Music Fest.
Trad/Cont, Pipe Competition
June, Watsonville, CA/discontinued 2014?

Wyoming Celtic Fest & HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
June, Gillette, WY/discontinued?

4th HLG & Festival
June 29-30, Lake Orion, MI/cancelled 2014

Newport Irish Heritage Festival
June, Newport, KY/discontinued?

28th Indiana HLG
June, Columbia City, IN/cancelled 2013?

Irish Summerfest
June, Eastlake, OH/cancelled 2007

10th Southern NH Scot. Games
June, Greenfields, NH/cancelled 2008

Worcester Irish Music Festival
Trad/Contemp, Folk/Rock
June, Worcester, MA/cancelled 2011

18th Potomac Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June, Leesburg, VA/cancelled 2011

8th Cape Cod Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
June, Cape Cod, MA/cancelled 2011

18th W. MA HLG & Celtic Festival
Trad./Cont.; Pipe Competition
June, Greenfield, MA/cancelled 2011

8th Ok. Celtic Music & Heritage Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary; WS
June, Stillwater, OK/cancelled 2011


JULY 2015

Young People, Old Traditions
Regional Folk, Celtic, Roots events
Radius of Burlington, Vermont

Folklore Soc. Greater Washington
Regional Folk, Roots events
DC, MD area

The 3rd Summer Harp Academy
WS & Performances
July 12-19, Lake Junaluska, NC.

Glissando Summer Harp Fest
WS & Performances
July 6-10, Towson, MD.

11th String Summit
Incl. Folk, OT, BG, Celtic
July 8 at Weed & 11 at Berkeley, CA.

59th Grandfather Mtn. HLG
Pipe/Drum/Fiddle/Harp Comp
July 9-12, Linville, NC.

Saline Celtic Festival
July 10-11, Saline, MI.

32nd Payson Scottish Festival
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp.
July 10-11, Payson, UT.

The Montana Folk Festival
Incl. Celtic
July 8-10, Butte, MT.

21st Colorado Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
July 10-12, Littleton, CO.

12th Heart of the Alleghenies/HOTAfest
Trad., Celtic; WS
July 10-12, Titusville, PA.

Jersey Shore (Toms River) Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary; Competitions
July 11, Toms River, NJ.

11th Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
July 12, Cape May, NJ.

13th MN Scot. Fair & HLG
Trad./Cont; Pipe Comp.
July 18, Eagen, MN.

21st Skagit Valley HLG
Trad., Harp & Pipe Competitions
July 12-13, Mount Vernon, WA.

Athena Caledonian Games
Trad./Cont, Pipe/Drum Comp.
July 10-12, Athena, OR.

21st Catskills Irish Arts Wk/Andy McGann Fest.
July 12-18, East Durham, NY.

23rd Swannanoa Gathering
Celtic Week
July 12-18, Asheville, NC.

19th Arizona Highland Celtic Fest. & Celtic Week
Trad/Cont, Solo Pipe Comp.
July 18-19, Flagstaff, AZ.

33rd Cleveland Irish Cultural Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary
July 24-26, Berea, OH.

63rd Portland HLG
Trad., Pipe/Drum/Fiddle Comp.
July 18, Portland, OR.

22nd Glasgow Lands Scottish Fest.
Trad/Cont, Pipe/Drum Comp.
July 18, Florence, MA.

15th Adams County Irish Festival
Trad & Contemporary
July 18, Gettysburg, PA.

23rd Elizabeth Celtic Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
July 18-19, Elizabeth, CO.

34th Irish Week/Augusta Htg
Trad., Classes
July 19-24, Elkins, WV.

12th Great American Irish Festival
Trad/Cont, Pipe Competition
July 24-26, Frankfort, NY.

14th Dayton Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
July 24-26, Dayton, OH.

69th Pacific NW Scot. HLG
Trad, Pipe/Drum/Harp Comp.
July 25-26, Enumclaw, WA.

15th Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Trad. WS
July 23-26, Parsippany, NJ.

31st Greater Hartford Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
July, Glastonbury, CT/discontinued 2015

36th Oakland Scottish HLG down
Trad. & Contemporary
July, Oakland, CA/no info available

23rd Clover’s Irish Weekend
Trad. & Contemporary
July, Heckscherville, PA/cancelled 2011

Big Sky Folk Harp Festival
website taken down
All Styles, Cultures; WS, Exhib.
July, Big Sky Resort, MT/no info available

8th Harbor Celtic Festival
no website available
Trad./Contemporary, WS
July, Harbor Springs, MI/no info available

8th Blackstone Valley Celtic Fest.
July, Webster, MA/no info available

Gathering of the Clans
Trad. & Contemporary
July, Rapid City, SD/discontinued?



28th Dublin Irish Festival
Trad./Cont., Instru.+ Classes
July 31-August 2, Dublin, OH.

52nd Colorado Scot. Fest. & HLG
Trad, Pipe/Drum/H. Dulc Comp
July 31-August 2, Snowmass, CO.

67th Virginia Highlands Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
July 31-August 9, Abingdon, VA.

165th St. Andrews / Detroit HLG
Trad./Cont., Pipe/Drum Comp
August 1-2, Livonia, MI.

Spokane HLG
Trad./Cont, Pipe/Drum Comp.
August 1, Spokane, WA.

48th Monterey Games & Celtic Fest
Trad./Cont, Pipe/Drum Comp.
August 1-2, Monterey, CA.

25th Toledo Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
August, Toledo, OH/hiatus 2015.

11th Irish Fest/La Crosse HLG
Trad/Cont, Celtic Harp Comp.
August 7-9, La Crosse, WI.

Irish Fair of Minnesota
Trad. & Contemporary
August 7-9, St. Paul, MN.

13th An Ri Ra Montana Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
August 14-16, Butte, MT.

17th Whidbey Island HLG
Trad./Cont., Pipe/Drum Comp.
August 8, Greenbank, WA.

Cape Cod Scottish Festival
August, Yarmouth, MA/back in 2016

Ballyshanners Irish Festival
Aug. 8, Alexandria, VA.

17th JB O’Reilly Club Irish Music Fest.
August 8, Springfield, MA.

27th High Desert Celtic Fest./HLG
August 10, Redmond, OR.

Milwaukee Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
August 13-16, Milwaukee, WI.

Bitterroot Celtic Games & Gathering
Trad & Contemporary
August 15-16, Hamilton, MT.

37th Maine Highland Games
Trad. & Contemporary
August 15, Brunswick, ME.

23rd Douglas Co. Celtic HLG
August 15-16, Winston, OR.

35th Peoria Erin Feis
Trad. & Contemporary
August 28-30, Peoria, IL.

The Pipers’ Gathering
August 21-23, Litchfield, CT.

34th Buffalo Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
August 28-30, Buffalo, NY.

23rd Kalamazoo Scottish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
August 22, Oshtemo, MI.

15th Cortland Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
August 22-23, Cortland, NY.

6th Brittingham’s Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont.
August, Lafayette Hill, PA/TBA.

Sons of Erin Irish Festival
Trad. & Cont.
August, Westfield, MA/TBA.

4th Great Lakes Irish Music Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
August, Comstock Pk., MI/discontinued 2011

Alaska Irish Music Fest.
no current website
August, Anchorage, AK/discontinued?

12th Jackson Hole Scottish Fest.
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp.
August, Jackson Hole, WY/discontinued 2013

Hunter Mountain Intl Celtic Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
August, Hunter, NY/discontinued 2013

Mid-Summer Scottish & Irish Music Festival
Trad. & Cont.
August, Lancaster, PA/discontinued 2011

Newport Celtic Rock Festival
Celtic Rock
August 24, Newport, RI/discontinued 2014



39th Longs Peak Scot./Irish Fest
Tr/Cn, Pipe/Drum/Folk Comp.
September 4-7, Estes Park, CO

12th SW Mo. Celtic Heritage, HLG
September 5-6, Buffalo, MO

14th Syracuse Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-6, Syracuse, NY

20th Rochester Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-6, Irondequoit, NY

24th Pittsburgh Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-7, Pittsburgh, PA

24th CelticFest Mississippi
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-7, Jackson, MS

16th Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-7, Elizabethton, TN

21st Edinboro Scot. Fest & HLG
Trad & Con.; Pipe Comp
U.S. Natl. Scottish Fiddle Championships
September 5-7, Edinboro, PA

Cincinnati Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 5-7, Cincinnati, OH

Irish Festival at the Jersey Shore
Trad. & Contemporary
September 6, Sea Girt, NJ

4th Mercer Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
September 6-7, West Windsor, NJ

9th Ship Bottom Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 6-7, Ship Bottom, NJ

Seaside Heights Shamrock Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
September 7, Seaside Heights, NJ

40th Festival of Trad. Irish Music
Trad. & Contemporary
September 11-13, Philadelphia, PA

18th Irish 2000 Music & Arts Fest.
Mod. & Trad.
September 12-13, Albany, NY

19th Indy Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
Sept. 12-14, Indianapolis, IN

Michigan Irish Music Festival
Trad./Cont, Folk/Rock
September 12-14, Muskegon, MI

Gloucester Shamrock Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 13, Gloucester City, NJ

17th Treasure Valley Celtic Fest., HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
September 13, Boise, ID

Kelso Highlander Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 13-14, Kelso, WA

23rd Columbus Scottish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 13-14, Columbus, IN

33rd Irish Festival/Feis
Trad. & Contemporary
September 14, Augusta, NJ

10th Festival of the Mabon
Trad. & Contemporary
September 18, Lyons, CO

43rd Scot. Games & HL Gathering
Contests, Trad. & Contemporary
September 18-21, Charleston, SC

23rd AOH Irish Fall Fest. /N. Wildwood Irish Wknd
Trad. & Contemporary
September 18-21, N. Wildwood, NJ

39th New Hampshire HLG
Pipe/Drum/Harp/Fiddle Comp
September 19-21, Lincoln, NH

35th Oklahoma Scottish Festival
Trad./Cont; Pipe/Drum Comp.
September 19-21 Tulsa, OK

Celtic HLG/Music Festival
Trad., WS, Pipe/Drum Comp.
September 19-20, Davenport, IA

37th Fresno Scottish Highland Games
Trad. & Contemporary
September 20, Madera, CA

8th Greeley Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
September 20, Greeley, NE

56th Ligonier HLG
Pipe/Drum/Fiddle/Harp Comp.
September 19-21, Ligonier, PA

Southern Illinois Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 20-21, Carbondale, IL

10th Spanish Peaks Intl Celtic Music Fest
Tr/Con, Harp Retreat, Many WS
September 25-28, Gardner, CO

St. Louis Scottish Games
Trad., Contemporary
September 26-27, St. Louis, MO

18th KVMR Celtic Festival & Marketplace
Trad. & Contemporary; WS
September 26-28, Grass Valley, CA

28th Celtic Classic Festival
Tr/Con, Pipe/Fiddle/Sing Comp
September 26-28, Bethlehem, PA

Dixon Scottish Highland Games
Trad. & Contemporary
September 27, Dixon, CA

13th Pipes in the Valley
Trad. & Contemporary
September 27, Hartford, CT

21st McPherson Scot. Fest., HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
September 27-28, McPherson, KS

Louisville Irish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
September 27-28, Louisville, KY

21st Greater Danbury Irish Fest.
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Danbury, CT/TBA

Alabama Highland Games
Trad. & Contemporary
Sept., Montgomery, AL/discontinued 2007

15th Irish Heritage Festival
Sept., Montgomery, NY/discontinued 2009

Midlothian Scottish Fair
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Midlothian, IL/discontinued 2009

ICONS Irish Music & Arts Fest.
Trad/Mod SW/Celtic Folk
September, Canton, MA/discontinued 2009

14th Newport Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September 3-5, Newport, RI/discontinued 2011

Long Grove Irish Days
September, Long Grove, IL/discontinued 2010 ?

12th Clanjamfry: A Scot. Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Memphis, TN/discontinued 2011

16th Sebastopol Celtic Music Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Sebastopol, CA/discontinued 2011

Blackthorn Irish Weekend
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Wildwood, NJ/discontinued 2008 ?

11th Jersey City Irish Festival
no website
Trad. & Contemporary
September, Jersey City, NJ/discontinued ?

37th New Jersey Scottish Heritage Fest
September, Holmdel, NJ/discontinued ?



6th Bakersfield Celtic Music Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October 3-4, Bakersfield, CA

19th KVMR Celtic Festival
Trad & Contemporary
October 2-4, 2015, Grass Valley, NV

13th Skip Healy’s 10th Wind on the Bay
Irish Flute & American Fife, Pipes
October, East Greenwich, RI/TBA

37th Wmsburg Scot. Fest/VA Celtic Gathering, HLG
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp
October, Lenexa, VA/TBA

24th North Alabama Scot. Festival & HLG
Trad. & Contemporary; Pipe/Drum Comp.
October 4, New Market, AL

19th Radford Highlander Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October 4, Radford, VA

24th Reno Celtic Celebration
Trad. & Mod.
October 4-5, Reno, NV

25th Chesapeake Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October 4-5, Snow Hill, MD

Seaside Scottish HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
October 9-11, Ventura, CA

15th Weston Irish Fest
Trad & Contemporary
October 10-12, Weston, MO

Smithville Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October 11-12, Galloway, NJ

26th Scotland, CT HLG
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp
October 12, Scotland, CT

42nd Stone Mountain HLG
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp
October 17-19, Atlanta, GA

18th Austin Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October 18-19, Austin, TX

19th Murray (W. KY) Highland Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Murray, KY/TBA

(19th?) Central Va. Celtic Fest. & HLG
Pipe/Drum/Fiddle/Harp Competition
October 25-26, Richmond, VA

19th Meadow (formerly Richmond) HLG & Celtic Fest
Pipe/Drum/Fiddle/Harp Comp
October, Doswell, VA/changed to Central VA?

Anne Arundel Scottish Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Annapolis, MD/cancelled 09

17th Celtic Heritage Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Bedford, TX/cancelled 09

34th Flora Macdonald HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Red Springs, NC/cancelled 09

Loch Hartwell HLG, Scot. Fest
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Stone Mtn., GA/cancelled 2011?

Rio Rancho HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
October, Albuquerque, NM/cancelled 2011?

Waxhaw Scottish HLG
Trad./Cont.; Pipe Comp.
October, Waxhaw, NC/cancelled?

28th Scottish Festival or Facebook
Trad./Cont.; Pipe Competition
October, Goshen, CT/cancelled 2012, 2013



28th Tucson Celtic Fest & Scot. HLG
Trad. & Contemporary
October 31-November 2 Tucson, AZ

10th Foothills HLG & Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
November, Hendersonville, NC/suspended

Scots on the Rocks
Trad & Contemporary, Competitions
November 7-9, Moab, UT

10th Fiddle Hell
Jams, WS, Concerts
November 7-9, Concord, MA

Irish Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
November 7-9, Timonium, MD

53rd Salado Scot. Clan Gath., HLG
Trad./Cont.; Pipe/Drum Comp
November 7-9, Salado, TX

Arkansas River Valley Feis
Trad. & Contemporary
November 8, Fort Smith, AR

30th HL & Islands Scot. Games
Trad. & Contemporary
November, Gulfport, MS/still suspended?

13th Yachats Celtic Music Festival
Trad. & Contemp. WS, Concerts
November 14-16, Yachats, OR

Dunedin Celtic Festival
Trad. & Contemporary
November 22, Dunedin, FL

10th HLG of Louisiana
Trad. & Contemporary
November, Jackson, LA/suspended 2010

Happy Thanksgiving



15th Christmas With the Celts
December 18-20, Florida Cities

Best Wishes for a Warm
and Bright Holiday
Season and a Prosperous
New Year